Thursday, 7 August 2014

Solidarity with Gaza

The ITUC has declared today a day of action on Gaza and is calling on trade unionists and others around the world to do two things:

1. Send a message on Twitter to the UN and the Government to support peace. The message should read ‘We @ituc (@Your union name) support peace & democracy everywhere. @UN (@your national government or politician) act now for #gaza.’
If you are not on Twitter, you can post your message on Facebook.

2. Join the ITUC postcard campaign 'Peace Like Mine' and send a message to the UN Secretary General supporting peace.

To take part in the ITUC postcard campaign, you can go to the website and use a PC or mobile device to send a real postcard to the UN Secretary-General with your personal message and photo. This website allows you to send a photograph that depicts your view of peace. It might be a photo of your family or community or an activity that depicts everyday life. It also means you can add your personal message to the UN Secretary-General.

Here’s mine. Let’s see yours #peacelikemine

Everyone should be able to raise their kids in peace and stability #peacelikemine

Helen Martin