Sunday, 12 September 2010

Against austerity

The Sunday Herald is certainly beginning to get it. Are cuts still the right medicine for a sick economy?

A useful feature on the economy and a sensible editorial suggests real progress. It may be some while until the editorial direction extends as far as the Herald’s business pages or indeed to its centre-left commentator Ian MacWhirter whose treatment of Joseph Stiglitz and advocacy of cuts last week was less than progressive. Nevertheless there is a real sense that the scepticism about austerity is growing. Boris Johnson made it into our distinguished deficit deniers list thanks to comments made last week. And the news that Osborne’s latest proposed benefit cuts may meet with opposition from Ian Duncan Smith at the DWP makes for interesting reading.

George Osborne 'secretly plans to cut benefit budget by £2.5bn'

Dave Moxham - STUC

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