Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Loneliness of the Housing Market

I saw an article on the BBC website the other week that described the housing market in Scotland as ‘paused’.

I have been trying to sell my little one bed flat for months now and I have to say this description brought a wry smile to my face. To me ‘paused’ seems a bit of an understatement, it feels more like the market has ground to an absolute halt.

But things did seem to be going OK for a while. Back in March, the flat above us – identical to our own – sold in four weeks and for a good price. So when we went to market in April we do so with hopes of a good sale allowing me and my new husband to buy our first real family home together. We were filled with excitement and even had a vague intention of holding a late summer BBQ in our new garden to celebrate.

Well it’s autumn now and we are no further forward. In fact if anything the market seems to be getting worse. To begin with we were getting lots of viewers with promises of offers when they manage to sell their own property. But now there is nothing – not even a viewer, for over a month.

Have we all just grown tired of even going through the motions? I know I don’t bother looking at houses to buy anymore as the prospect of a sale seems so remote. Instead I just wait for something to change and hope in vain that someone will one day hit the ‘play’ button.

Helen Martin- STUC

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