Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Best Western’s response to the BNP

The STUC met with senior members of the Best Western GB hotel group on the 3 Feb 2011. This meeting was organised to discuss one of their member hoteliers allowing their facilities to be used by the BNP for their annual conference in December. The Best Western group were quick to engage with us on this issue and took very seriously the concerns that we raised.
A positive discussion was had and the STUC is clear that this incident resulted from a decision taken by a single hotel without consultation from Best Western. We are confident that the vast majority of the group’s independently owned and managed hotels would have declined business from the BNP. We have also received assurances that no such booking would ever knowingly be accepted through Best Western’s central reservations team.
In general the STUC is pleased that Best Western has taken this issue seriously and we are confident that they have handled the situation with the individual hotel in a robust manner. We are also comforted that the steps taken by Best Western on this occasion will help them avoid a situation where their facilities are used by the BNP or other extremist groups in the future.   
As a result we look forward to continuing a good working relationship with the Best Western group.

Helen Martin -STUC

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