Friday, 22 July 2011

Wick Wants Work Wins Work for Wick

Congratulations to all those involved in the Wick Wants Work Campaign   following the Government announcement that the HMRC office in Wick will remain open for another two years.

This is not only a victory for common sense but also one for effective community campaigning, in this case led by the PCS and supported by Thurso and Wick TUC .  Only last April we welcomed the Wick Wants Work Campaign to Congress and they contributed to trhe debate, along with a number of other civic organisations and partners, sharing our view for a "Better Way" , an alternative to the coalition's slash and burn approach to deficit reduction.

On the first day of Congress, in a strong contribution from Hamish Drummond from the PCS it quickly became clear to delegates just how ludicrous the coalition Government's decision to close the HMRC office in Wick was.

The Congress in Ayr provided Wick Wants Work with the chance to bring their campaign south and campaigners took every opportunity to raise the profile of what has ultimately turned out to be a shining example of trade union and community campaigning producing results and protecting jobs.

The visit allowed campaigners to engage with politicians from the UK and Scottish Governments, affiliated trade unions, other local TUCs and a number of other visitors to Congress.

We should remember that an HMRC presence in Wick is only guaranteed for two years but this provides a foundation for PCS and  Wick Wants Work to build a case for a permanent future for HMRC workers in the north of Scotland.

The STUC, working with local TUCs will continue to support campaigns to protect jobs and services in communities throughout Scotland and the success of Wick Wants Work serves as a reminder of the important role that trade unions have, not just in the workplace but also in our communities and throughout our society.

Once again congratulations to all  involved in Wick Wants Work.

Ian Tasker

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