Monday, 23 January 2012

Songs for Social Justice: The Projects – Anne is a Socialist

There are regular articles in the press which claim that there is no political music around that reflect the times in which we find ourselves. This just doesn’t play out, though it is obvious that there is a void of political song making the charts these days, the charts themselves are not the focal point they once were. Ways of promoting, accessing and distributing new music has changed dramatically in recent years. The internet has been the key factor in this stage in the evolution of music distribution and access.

The internet and social media has also played a role in the uprisings across the Middle East, in the anti-capitalist protest movements which are now galvanizing young people across the globe and in the democratisation of news dissemination. Activists around the world are blogging and organising from the comfort of their own armchair, they are also taking to the streets armed with a camera, a mobile phone and a laptop and then distributing their own first hand accounts of what they deem to be headline news to a global audience.

The video for ‘Anne is a Socialist’ captures footage of protests which we may recognise from our TVs and from citizen journalist postings on the internet, the footage is edited to provide an unflinching visual account of the song’s lyrics and music. The Project’s singer tells Anne’s story via a webcam. Combined, the audio-visuals act as a strong proponent of the protest movements and provide an angry portrayal of the power that the protestors are struggling against.

This contemporary political song is absolutely a reflection of the times; it is a song very much for this moment.

Sadly, Graeme Wilson the singer, lyricist and driving force behind The Projects passed away in December 2011. Ricky Maymi, guitarist with The Projects said “I think this [the Songs for Social Justice festival] is a great thing for his song to be a part of! I'm honoured to be a part of it!”

The Projects – Anne is a Socialist

Songs for Social Justice Dance Night featuring guest DJ Jerry Dammers -
o      Thursday 26th January
o      STUC Centre, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
o      6.45pm – midnight
o      Tickets £8/£4 - Available direct from the STUC - 0141 337 8100

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