Thursday, 19 January 2012

Songs for Social Justice: The Spatial AKA Orchestra – Ghost Planet

We can’t leave this song out. The updated classic by “General” Jerry Dammers, probably one of the most potent and poignant songs of the 1980’s and beyond, this version warns of a Ghost Planet, if we don’t address world issues. This band are an absolute treat to see live playing ska, funk, reggae and soul, I for one look forward to them cutting some vinyl in the studio.
(Terry Anderson STUC)

Jerry Dammers and The Spatial A.K.A. Orchestra
Ghost Town / Ghost Planet (Lyrics)

“This Town Is Coming Like A Ghost Town
All The Buildings Have Been Torn Down
This Place Is Coming Like A Drag Place
A Dead Place
Wipe The Smile From A Child's Face

This World Is Coming Like A Ghost Planet
On This Here Planet
If You Treat Man Like Mouse He Will Breed
Treat Man Like Fly And He Will Swarm

This World Is Coming Like A Rubbish Tip
It Coming Like A Cesspit
That's Feeding, Feeding On It's Own Vomit
Coming Like A Rubbish Dump
In Need Of A Stomach Pump

This Place Is Coming Like A Disgrace
A Child's Smile Turned Into A Ghost Place

This Place was a Back Stabbing Greedy Corrupt Place
What, What Is That, What Is That Sweet Sickly Smell
Is It Heaven, Turned Into Hell ?”

The Spatial AKA Orchestra – Ghost Planet

Songs for Social Justice Dance Night featuring guest DJ Jerry Dammers -
o      Thursday 26th January
o      STUC Centre, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
o      6.45pm – midnight
o      Tickets £8/£4 Available direct from the STUC - 0141 337 8100

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