Friday, 5 October 2012

Black Workers are suffering because of austerity and will be marching on 20th Oct.

The STUC is having its 16th Annual Black Workers Conference this weekend in Glasgow. Black Workers from a variety of workplaces and sectors across Scotland will be gathering to discuss issues that are important to them in their workplaces and in their daily lives.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Our Scotland ....Beyond Colour’ which represents the sort of Scotland we want to create. Too often we hear politicians saying ‘we’re all in this together’ but this phrase rings hollow. We want to see a Scotland were everyone truly is valued, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or disability and we want to make sure that Black and Ethnic Minority people feel that their contribution to our country is recognised.

As chair of the Black Workers Committee and from work within my own union, I know that Black Workers are suffering in the current climate. Too often we hear stories of Black Workers being the last to receive their shift allocations, and the first to have their hours cut. We also know that racist bullying and harassment is a part of many workers daily lives and that tensions in workplaces often rise as cuts begin to bite.

It’s not right that Black Workers should have to bear the brunt of this crisis. Nor should we allow the Government’s policies of austerity to divide us. All workers Black or White, old or young, public or private sector, need to stand up to this Government’s ideological and damaging economic policy.

That’s why I’m marching on the 20th October, and why I’ll be proud to carry the STUC Black Workers’ banner. It’s our Scotland and we need to fight for it.

Nazerin Wardrop – Chair, STUC Black Workers’ Committee

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