Friday, 21 June 2013

On the road with Austerity Uncovered

On the road with Austerity Uncovered

This morning STUC’s fleet of two minibuses set off on the first leg of its Scotland-wide tour as part of the TUC, Welsh TUC and STUC campaign to highlight the impact of austerity on people across the length and breadth of the UK.

Over the next few months we can expect to hear plenty of optimistic talk from George Osborne and the Coalition Government about possible economic improvement and very modest growth and a slight improvement in the employment market are of course possible – and to be hoped for.  George Osborne will say that things are getting better, but that’s not how it is going to feel for the person in the street.  Where there are any new jobs they are insecure, often low paid and part-time.  There is genuine fear over benefit cuts, the impending full introduction of Universal Credit and of course the hated bedroom tax.

Accompanied by journalists and taking footage to be included in a TUC documentary, STUC will be in many of Scotland’s towns and cities over the next week, inviting people to tell their story, whether it is personal or part of a community story of opposition to cuts and austerity.

On the bus today we have the leaders of some of Scotland’s largest trade unions.  Pat Rafferty of Unite and Harry Donaldson of GMB as well as people from a wide range of other unions.  Activists from Unite Community – a new initiative from Unite the Union - will explain the benefits of joining unions (at low cost) for those who are unemployed or for other reasons not able to access traditional union membership.

Musical accompaniment, sponsored by the Musicians Union will be provided by the now legendary busker, Citizen Smart. His Bedroom Taxprotest song has over 160,000 youtube hits and his three-hit CD is now being sold across the country and through itunes to support the work of local Anti-Bedroom Tax campaigns. People wanting to support anti-bedroom tax campaigns in Scotland should download the song!

Most importantly we will be talking to Glasgow communities. 

We will meet the folk in Clydebank Unemployed Workers Resource Centre who are trying to hold together a community which still feels the ravages of previous recessions, let alone the current one.

We will visit, talk with and deliver packages to Maryhill Food Bank, one of dozens which have been created across Scotland.

We will meet with residents and family carers from those opposing the closure of day care centres and Glasgow.

And we will meet campaigners in Possilpark who are fighting against the Bedroom Tax and supporting those who are at the sharp end.

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