Tuesday, 12 November 2013

First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP on why it is important to support STUC's St Andrew's Day anti-racism march

Over the next fortnight STUC will be featuring articles and contributions from politicians, campaign groups and celebrities on why it is important to support STUC's St Andrew's Day anti-racism march on 30th November and the weekend of anti racism activities surrounding it. For more details go to the STUC site or like the weekend of events on facebook.

"I have great pleasure in supporting this year's STUC St Andrew's Day anti-racism march.

This event is an important annual reminder of the need to be vigilant about the threat racism poses to our communities and I commend the STUC for the consistent leadership they have shown on this vital issue for many years.

The theme of this year's event, "The World is Watching", sets out clearly that the eyes of the world will be very much on Scotland in 2014 with the XX Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and second year of Homecoming taking place. It is our opportunity to once again show that Scotland is a welcoming and diverse country which does not tolerate racial or religious prejudice, and we are a nation where people of all faiths - and none - live in peace.

I would like to send my best wishes to everyone who is taking part in the march and rally. Events like this remind us there is a wide consensus committed to building a society in which all of our people are achieving, regardless of their background, where the barriers to participation are removed and where all of our people are treated fairly and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential."

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