Monday, 2 February 2015


Last week, David Torrance accused the STUC of effectively jumping on a 'grievance' bandwagon for criticising the watering down of Smith Commission proposals on welfare. He also (ridiculously) suggested we didn't spend any time making proposals for tackling inequality.

Scottish Labour has now recognised that the Command paper unnecessarily precludes the creation of a range of new benefits and Gordon Brown has made reference to the 'nailing down' of Section 54 of the Smith recommendations. And guess what, it's now being identified as an important means of promoting social justice.

The STUC has welcomed this in a press release. I wonder if David categorises this action as another example of us jumping on a (different) bandwagon or if he will be prepared to concede that we might have had a point in the first place and continue to pursue our policy positions on a more consistent and considered basis than he implied.

Dave Moxham

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