Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fair hotels

Check out the Irish trade union initiative to drive some fairness and trade union recognition into the hotel sector in Ireland. The ICTU is promoting the use of union organised hotels both for union events and for personal use by union members.

Hotels in Scotland continue to be one of the least unionised sectors with consequential low pay and, often, poor employment practices.  In the worst cases ‘per room’ pay rates are used to effectively circumvent minimum wage legislation and even where experiences are better, the Living Wage of £7.15 per hour is the exception rather than the norm.

STUC will shortly be publishing a checklist for progressive organisations which wish to inquire about the pay and employment practices of hotels before deciding where to site major events and conferences.

Meanwhile the Irish are well ahead of the curve.  Make sure you stay in a fair hotel next time you visit Ireland.

Dave Moxham

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