Monday, 16 May 2011

Your rights as a Modern Apprentice

Scottish Union Learning has now published a new pamphlet called ‘Your Rights as a Modern Apprentice’.

New employees in any workplace are vulnerable and should be made aware of their rights.  There is a need for Modern Apprentices to be aware of issues pertinent to their new roles as employees, particularly for younger workers who may be experiencing the world of work for the first time.

This important pamphlet provides information on workplace rights to which all Modern Apprentices in Scotland are entitled. The pamphlet may be useful to all those who are undertaking, or considering undertaking, a Modern Apprenticeship. It may also be useful to union reps that have Modern Apprentices within their workplaces.

The pamphlet provides answers to important questions including:
·        What is a Modern Apprenticeship?
·        What do Modern Apprenticeships offer?
·        What are Everyday Skills?
·        What are Modern Apprentices entitled to?
·        How much do you get paid?

There is also information on how to join a union, support for redundancy, and terms and conditions of employment.

‘Your Rights as a Modern Apprentice’ can be downloaded from the Scottish Union Learning website by visiting

To request paper copies and further information on the Modern Apprenticeship Project, email Tommy Breslin at

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